Perfect fit

The perfect fit is our main goal at STATE OF COTTON. The fit of a garment is paramount. No amount of fine cloth or design will make up for a poor fit. The attempt to get the human figure with all its varying shapes and sizes to look good in about 6 ‘off the rack’ sizes is an extreme example of marketing over reality. We strongly believe in made to measure, which will enable the short to appear taller, the young, older and the shy, extroverted. It's time the experience the luxury of made to measure. STATE OF COTTON, it’s made just for you!  


Once we have your measurements you can easily start ordering your garments through our web shop. However, taking consistent measurements requires skill, time and energy and is not an easy do-­‐it-­‐yourself task. For taking your measures, you can make an appointment at one of our tailoring partners in Utrecht or Amsterdam. Besides an appointment at the tailoring shops, we can also come to you! If you have a group of 5 gents or more, we will come to your work, home or other preferred place in the Amsterdam-­‐Utrecht area. You can email us for more information. 

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Fabrics and construction

The fit of a garment is paramount. No amount of fine cloth will make up for a poor fit. However, we take pride in the quality of our cloths. It’s often superior to the ready-­‐made alternative and naturally the construction techniques bear no comparison. Thus durability is enhanced. Other practical benefits are also part of the pleasure of having your garments made for you. Notably the ability to specify your personal whims such as what collar and cuff you’d like in a shirt and other such details. 

Slimfitted made to measure shirt

Gift certificate

Buy a gift voucher from STATE OF COTTON and give your (boy)friend, dad, or colleague his own made to measure shirt. We will make a shirt that is truly personalized to his style and posture. A great gift that he can enjoy for a long time! Click here to buy now.

Slimfitted designer

Online designer!

With our online designer you can design and order your own made to measure shirt where ever and when ever you want! However, before you can order your perfect fitting shirt we need to take your measurements. So make an appointment! Send us an email and we'll make sure you will get the perfect fitting shirt! 


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